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Defensive Minds: harm across neuro-cognitive difference

By: Lucia Sarmiento Verano Image credit: Disclaimer: Please know that I am in no position to talk about neurodivergent experiences. I can only write from my own perspective as

Epistemic Justice: Therapy as a Liberatory Practice

By: Lucia Sarmiento Verano Can Therapy help us fight against Epistemic Injustice? I keep coming back to writing about perspectives different than the White European middle class one. I am

cultural shame

Addressing Cultural Shame

By: Lucia Sarmiento Verano Shame is now a subject that is widely discussed as one of the most complex and deep processes we can go through in the therapy room.

psychotherapy integration

Thoughts on Integration from a Decolonial Perspective

By: Lucia Sarmiento Verano As the end of my training program draws near, and given that our humanistic training involves three different modalities, more emphasis is given to integration models

A “missing comparison”, bringing the divide into focus

By: Lucia Sarmiento Verano (Disclaimer: this article is based on my own personal experience of being an immigrant from the Global South in Europe. I cannot claim to speak for

Dialogue is not enough: the issue of power and multicultural therapy in humanistic theory and training.

By: Lucia Sarmiento Verano Finishing a humanistic psychotherapy course in a leading institution while personally exploring issue of oppression, white supremacy, and colonialism has proved to be harder than expected.