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Book Recommendation

Book: Learning Whiteness – Arathi Sriprakash, Jessica Gerrard & Sophie Rudolph

What is this book about? The process of learning and internalising whiteness with a focus on how this educational project works in a settler colonial state such as Australia, including

Book Recommendation

Book: Class and Psychoanalysis – Joanna Ryan

What is this book about? The emotional and psychic processes of class and classism. Main topics explored: What is radical/new/different about it? The level of interdisciplinary thinking. Unlike most therapeutic

Dialogue is not enough

Dialogue is STILL not enough: further thoughts on power and multicultural therapy

I wrote about the idea of dialogue, dialogical relationship and working across cultures in psychotherapy a year and a half ago. In fact, it is that post that started this

Defensive Minds: harm across neuro-cognitive difference

By: Lucia Sarmiento Verano Image credit: Disclaimer: Please know that I am in no position to talk about neurodivergent experiences. I can only write from my own perspective as

Black and white people walking in desert. Migration

Economic Migration and Disenfranchised Processes, an Exorcism Exercise

By: Lucia Sarmiento Verano I have his mouth. And his nose. I did not inherit my mom’s and grandma’s tiny, perfectly shaped along racist and Eurocentric standards, almost Germanic, highly

White (in)humanity in therapy: The Ulterior Message Of Selective Outrage

By: Lucia Sarmiento Verano I’ve been silent for a while but I cannot let this be. This is sucking the life out of me so here goes what I have

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The Abyssal Line and the Articulation of Oppressions

By: Lucia Sarmiento Verano DISCLAIMER: This article’s aim is to present a particular perspective on different types of oppression and struggles as explained by certain decolonial & feminist thinkers. We

Epistemic Justice: Therapy as a Liberatory Practice

By: Lucia Sarmiento Verano Can Therapy help us fight against Epistemic Injustice? I keep coming back to writing about perspectives different than the White European middle class one. I am

Deserved shame and the white anti-racist

By: Lucia Sarmiento Verano “Accompaniment (and therapeutic work with someone from a more marginalised group), as well as allyship and engaging in social justice struggles as a privileged person needs

cultural shame

Addressing Cultural Shame

By: Lucia Sarmiento Verano Shame is now a subject that is widely discussed as one of the most complex and deep processes we can go through in the therapy room.

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