Below are some resources to find support and further reading & information on colonialism, coloniality, mental health and oppression.

The Radical Therapist Network has put together a comprehensive list of resources for anyone in distress. You can find it here:
RTN Wellbeing Resources


Maya Center – Women service

Just Psychology – Cultural Competence

Black Learning Achievement and Mental Health

Black Therapy Matters – For trainees

LAWRS – Latin American Women

LAWA – Latin American Women


Aimé Césaire – Discourse on Colonialism 

Frantz Fanon – Black skins, white masks

Paulo Freire – Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Anibal Quijano – Coloniality of Power

Maria Lugones – Coloniality of Gender

Yuderkys Espinoza Miñoso – Why We Need Decolonial Feminism

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