Humanistic Psychotherapist working in Private Practice, writer, trainer and reflective groups facilitator, as well as a PhD student researching the psychosocial dynamics of racism and whiteness in white-adjacent groups.

Before I trained in mental health, I studied Sociology and Political Science, two subjects that have given me the basis of understanding how human societies and structures function. They now allow me to integrate that knowledge in mental health practice and develop ways to think and practice therapy with social and historical contexts in mind.

This is important as, in my private practice, I specialise in working with migrants, people from diverse cultures and ethnicities, neurodivergent people, including highly sensitive people, and members of the LGBTQI+ community.

Aside from writing, I have experience in creating and delivering training for groups and organisations in various forms: online courses, live presentations and reflective group facilitation. I have mainly worked with mental health professionals, academics and the wider public.

A sample of the topics I have covered in the past (click for more information):

Whiteness in Psychotherapy

Gender, Sexuality and Colonialism

Racial Literacy

Intergenerational & Historical Trauma


Social Determinants of Mental Health

Justice & Liberation in the Therapy Room

On Being White and Other

My Approach

Learning about injustice and oppression and integrating this knowledge into our personal and professional practices by committing to positive change is a deeply challenging process. There is a high amount of information to absorb, but also, the emotional process of sitting with discomfort and at times, distress while examining our roles in these realities.

Integration of this knowledge cannot be purely intellectual and cognitive, lest we continue to unconsciously re-enact and reproduce oppressive dynamics. This is why I think it necessary to take time to reflect and sit with the most challenging material, or to know where to find spaces and support in order to do that.

A holistic and embodied approach is helpful in this process. I usually devote some time to presenting the information and then offer reflective prompts, before we focus on discussion and processing as a group. During this time, I will use a relational approach to understand and empathise with the participants perspective, as well as gentle challenges to help people progress in this difficult process.

What previous attendees have to say:

Absolutely. I would say that you would be be going to a well thought out, engaging event from someone with clear knowledge and sensitivity.


I would definitely recommend any event held by Lucia. Lucia is a highly engaging and knowledgeable presenter who explains complex topics in an easy to digest manner. She made me feel extremely safe and seen whilst presenting on this sensitive topic.


I highly recommend the events hosted by Lucia Sarmiento – her work is accessible, informative and fundamental for anyone wishing to understand anti-oppresive and liberatory work in counselling and psychotherapy.


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