Therapeutic Services

Lucia Sarmiento Verano | MSc, UKCP Reg
I am a humanistic psychotherapist by profession and I offer 1 to 1 sessions in person (Oxford) and online.

I work from an anti-oppressive perspective, with the social context in mind and I specialise in working with issues of migration, cultural identity, high sensitivity and neurodivengence, discrimination, abuse & trauma, low confidence and self-esteem.

I help clients reclaim a sense of agency and empowerment in their lives through a therapeutic process. I also offer a space to reflect on unmet needs, especially in regards to aspects of the client’s idendity that are deemed ‘different’, in order to develop longt-term self-care and wellbeing strategies.

To learn more about the therapeutic services I offer please have a look at my practice’s website or contact me to book a free online consultation:

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