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Mystification & Exceptionalism as vectors of power in therapy

Mystification & Exceptionalism as Vectors of Power in Therapy

how exceptionalism and mystification happen in the mental health professions, how they act as vectors of power, and why they enable and heighten the risk of harm to clients and our colleagues.

It’s A White Woman’s World – Group Whiteness in Process

Featured photo credit: Teslariu Mihai I don’t want this text to be read as “I didn’t like group process so now I’m making a disparaging piece about it”. Rather, this

Book Recommendation

Book: Learning Whiteness – Arathi Sriprakash, Jessica Gerrard & Sophie Rudolph

What is this book about? The process of learning and internalising whiteness with a focus on how this educational project works in a settler colonial state such as Australia, including

Book Recommendation

Book: Class and Psychoanalysis – Joanna Ryan

What is this book about? The emotional and psychic processes of class and classism. Main topics explored: What is radical/new/different about it? The level of interdisciplinary thinking. Unlike most therapeutic

Dialogue is not enough

Dialogue is STILL not enough: further thoughts on power and multicultural therapy

I wrote about the idea of dialogue, dialogical relationship and working across cultures in psychotherapy a year and a half ago. In fact, it is that post that started this

Defensive Minds: harm across neuro-cognitive difference

By: Lucia Sarmiento Verano Image credit: Disclaimer: Please know that I am in no position to talk about neurodivergent experiences. I can only write from my own perspective as

Black and white people walking in desert. Migration

Economic Migration and Disenfranchised Processes, an Exorcism Exercise

By: Lucia Sarmiento Verano I have his mouth. And his nose. I did not inherit my mom’s and grandma’s tiny, perfectly shaped along racist and Eurocentric standards, almost Germanic, highly

White (in)humanity in therapy: The Ulterior Message Of Selective Outrage

By: Lucia Sarmiento Verano I’ve been silent for a while but I cannot let this be. This is sucking the life out of me so here goes what I have

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The Abyssal Line and the Articulation of Oppressions

By: Lucia Sarmiento Verano DISCLAIMER: This article’s aim is to present a particular perspective on different types of oppression and struggles as explained by certain decolonial & feminist thinkers. We

Epistemic Justice: Therapy as a Liberatory Practice

By: Lucia Sarmiento Verano Can Therapy help us fight against Epistemic Injustice? I keep coming back to writing about perspectives different than the White European middle class one. I am

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