It’s time to speak up. An open letter to mental health professionals.

“And no part of this enormous wound has held you back in any way.
And no part of this enormous wound has pushed you in any way.
You have been free to discover yourself at last such as you really are.”

– Fanon, 1964

This passage is from Fanon’s “Letter to a Frenchman” where he addresses French doctors in occupied Algeria. Fanon wanted to rehumanise the medical encounter, and for his colleagues to see colonial occupation as the “enormous WOUND” that it is (1965). As colonisers and people who benefited from that violence, they were incapable of doing so, unwilling to confront their own complicity in producing that wound.

“For there is not a European who is not revolted, indignant, alarmed at everything, except at the fate to which the Arab is subjected”

– Fanon, 1964

Through this open letter, I call on colleagues to respond to this by becoming present and opening their eyes to the situation. To see the Palestinian situation as a colonial occupation in process, and to sense the enormous wound it causes and its ramifications.

We are empathetic and attuned to people’s wounds as part of our job. We dive everyday in the depths of human distress and attune the some of the most painful experiences people have been through. However, we, as a group, seem incapable of opening our eyes to the worst injustices of all: ongoing colonial violence and genocide. We seem incapable of using our voices to support people going through this.

If we can’t understand the feelings of existential threat and the wounds of injustice, we at least need to open our eyes and witness fully, with all of our souls, the reality of this wound. We have no business calling ourselves committed to any type of justice otherwise. We are seeing too many of our colleagues, who speak of anti-racism, anti-oppression, and decolonisation, some of them building careers and publishing on the subject, be silent in the face of genocide. Fanon’s letter speaks of unwillingness to see, but also of silence. Fanon is speaking to you.

I am not writing today to analyse the situation, but to issue this call on people in our profession, and a challenge. Our profession, the theories we use and our practices have served for a long time to justify and maintain oppressive systems. It does not matter that we think of our work as liberating for individuals, allowing them to be more authentic. The truth is that, at its inception, psychological sciences participated actively in the dehumanisation of non-white peoples to justify and maintain the colonial power of white groups.

To this day the practices that individualise distress and pay attention only to the inner and interpersonal processes serve to deny the impact that colonialism and oppression as collective experiences have on mental health. We as professionals who benefit from this have a responsibility in challenging it in our work. It is time to resist individualising issues and dehumanising oppressed peoples by choosing not to open our eyes to the origin of their wound.

In light of what is happening today to Palestinian people, and in particular to Gazans, our responsibility includes a commitment to being fully present to the reality of the colonial violence, physical and mental, that befalls on them. To witness their suffering, to speak up, and to elevate their humanity in response to the efforts of our governments and mainstream media to dehumanise them.

Refuse the dehumanisation.

Hope is anti-colonial

I call on colleagues to open their eyes and see all anti-colonial struggles, from Palestine to Abya Yala (the Americas), to Australia, as the same global struggle. Interlinked. We can participate in this struggle but to do that, we can’t hide, we need to take risks and not let our fear paralyse us.

Look at the painful reality of ongoing colonialism, and also believe in ongoing decolonisation. Draw from the strength of your roots, whether this mean drawing from community strength, intergenerational experiences of survival or (physical, cultural, or intellectual) ancestors’ wisdom.

Despite how hard it can be, we need to resist hopelessness, isolation and numbing. It’s what colonial violence wants us to feel. Colonialism needs us to accept that we can’t do anything to help, to think that we might as well not even try given the circumstances. It needs us to be afraid of the risks we might take by taking action.

And of course, being only human, we can be afraid. Gauge your risks, but be aware that they are nothing compared to what Palestinians are going through. Palestinians are facing a threat to their very existence. They have been for a long time. Let us do our best to be present where needed. It is our responsibility to muster the courage today. Many people gathered around the world in support of Palestinians this weekend. We are not alone.

Finally, I call on colleagues in the mental health professions to help lift humans from the zone of non being. To resist lukewarm and safe statements, to express unwavering love and support for Palestinians.

Like Indigenous peoples all over the world continue to live on and demand land back 500 years after European colonialism started its waves of destruction, so will Palestinians continue to exist. As Fanon said, colonialism is never complete, the zone of non-being is never total (1963).

It is through the cracks of colonialism that Palestine will be free.

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Further resources for mental health professionals: UK-Palestine Mental Health Network
Or its US branch: US-Palestine Mental Health Network
Take action through Medical Aid for Palestinians
A google document with a list of practical actions to take. Please share widely.
Help educate people in your circle with this resource: Decolonize Palestine Website


Lucia Sarmiento Verano (Humanistic Psychotherapist)
Rosendo Del Rio (Counsellor)
Nick Davis (Integrative Psychotherapist)
Ruth Coates (Psychotherapist)
Hattie Berger (integrative psychotherapist)
Sage Stephanou (Art Psychotherapist)
Gemma Maconie (Relational Psychotherapist)
Gonce ahmet (Integrative Psychotherapist)
Jan Stevens (Humanistic Counsellor)
Sumaira Farha Patel [Clinical Psychologist in training]
Naeema Abdin (Assistant Psychologist)
Muna Esmail, Clinical Associate Psychologist
Melissa Mountford (Clinical Psychologist)
Viktoria Stelikou ( Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Noreen Dera (Clinical Psychologist)
Shirin Azimoth Mustafa (Clinical Psychologist)
Kath Akers (HCPC Dramatherapist)
Millie Witcher (Clinical Psychologist)
Muhammed (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Victoria Nelson (Relational Psychotherapist)
Farhana Maleque (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
MD – Clinical Psychologist
Ibreeze Ahmed (trainee clinical psychologist)
Mashal Iftikhar (Psychiatrist)
Aishu Madduri-Yorston (Art Psychotherapist)
Nineb Nersy (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Isha Isidore Integrative Counsellor
Muna Dubad – Clinical Psychologist
Joy Brooks (PCE-CfD Psychotherapist & Supervisor)
Ramsha Khalique (Clinical Associate Psychologist)
Sana Abbas (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Suntosh Pillay (Clinical Psychologist, South Africa)
Tahmid Rahman (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Ghayda Javed (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Munzar Sharif (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Dalim (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Maisha Murshed (trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Joynul Alom (Clinical Associate Psychologist)
Priyanka Rob (trainee clinical psychologist)
Caasha Abdirahman (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Millie Witcher (Clinical Psychologist)
Tanveen Choudhury (Clinical Psychologist in training)
Tanya Brennan (trainee clinical psychologist)
Asma’u Mustapha (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Jasmine Cooray (Integrative Psychotherapist)
Zena Nicholas, Counsellor
Fahim uddin (trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Zeast Kamal (Trainer Clinical Psychologist)
Aminah Rahman (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Hibah Hassan (Clinical Psychologist)
Sadia Lira Trainee Psychologist and Academic
Kalisha Hamilton (Person Centred Counsellor)
Esmira Ropaj (Clinical Psychologist)
Tiba Mahmood (Associate Mental Health Worker)
Samira Abdullahi (Assistant Psychologist/future trainee psychologist)
Sheeva Weil (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Labiba Rashid (Psychological Practitioner)
Isaac Akande (Clinical Psychologist)
Jessica Blumsom (Clinical Psychologist)
Hana Afrah (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Kadra Nuur (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Dea-Chantal Prempeh (Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist in Doctoral Training)
Julia Pool (TA Psychotherapist in training)
Samsam Abdirahman (Education Mental Health Practitioner)
Lucy Manning (trainee clinical psychologist)
Fatima Elashry (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Grace Lakey (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Lenya Samani (integrative psychotherapist)
Elliot Miller (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Lizzie Cummings (Dramatherapist)
Komal Oza (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Zaariyah Bashir (Clinical Psychologist)
Jodie Ferris (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Charlie Mangas (Counsellor and Psychotherapist)
Dr Shah Alam (Clinical Psychologist)
Angela Byrne (clinical psychologist)
Abby (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Hollie Blanchard (Art Therapist)
Beatrice Hughes (Art Psychotherapist)
Nizam Malik – CBT Therapist
Muna Jama (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Waheeda Islam (Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor)
Priyendra Tiwari (Assistant Psychologist)
Daniela Zigova (Senior Psychological Well-being Practitioner)
Shahina Ghoni (Clinical Psychologist)
Jazmin Riley ( Clinical Associate Psychologist)
Urvashi Panchal (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Rubbia Ali (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Saira Begum (Senior Mental Health Practitioner)
Hassan Mansour (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Ameen Kamlana (General Practitioner and trainee Integrative Psychotherapist))
Suleiga Hussein (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Hind Sara Bechari-Martin (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Lucy Mason (Counsellor)
Kat Alcock, Clinical Psychologist
Sharmin Akthar (MSc Global Mental Health Student)
Maryam Halaoui (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Zineb Belouadah (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Emma Biggin (Integrative Psychotherapist in training)
Laura Woodhouse (Trainee Person-Centred Psychotherapist)
Madeleine Kelly (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Nathan Bettany (Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist in Clinical Training)
Nisha Chauhan (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Diana abdelfattah social worker
Shaan Jassal (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Ashley Dunira (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Danielle Francis (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Marianna Karavidas (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Sarah Aref qualified therapist working towards accreditation
Nabeela Malik (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Hannah Hammam (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Ilham Terbagou (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Maya Hamoudah (assistant psychologist)
Fazila Virmani (Art Psychotherapist)
Vanessa Kellermann (Mental Health Associate and Researcher)
Nethra N (Psychotherapist)
Azmara Moulana (Integrative Psychotherapist)
Nizamudheen P (RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologist)
I Salim (Pharmacist)
Laetitia Rater (trainee clinical psychologist)
Omolayo Anjorin
Alysha Hassan (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Ellis Brooks (she/her; Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Ayaat Ati (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Ibrahim Ali Clinical Research
Nicole Williams (Clinical Psychologist)
Philippa Tait (Clinical Psychologist)
Dillan Assad (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Vanessa Gardner (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Nabihah Kauser Trainee Clinical Psychologist
Cherryl Ojjerro (Clinical Psychologist)
Jade Weston, Clinical Psychologist
David Bloomfield (Therapist)
Susanna Frealand (Integrative Psychotherapist)
Joshua Rumble-Browne (Clinical Psychologist)
Rachid Choaibi (Coaching Psychologist)
Rosa Marjeta (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Nasra Habane (Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner)
Christie Coho (Social Worker & EMDR+ Psychotherapist)
Mehboob Dada (Psychotherapist, Group Therapist and Supervisor)
Stephen Tame (Embodied-Relational Therapist)
Kimberley Saddler (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Zubeda Miah (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Hajira (Psychotherapist)
Hasina Khan (trainee clinical psychologist)
Sumaiah Al Jabri (Psychologist)
Aisha Walker (Trainee clinical Psychologist)
Areeba (Clinical Psychologist in making)
Tia Bendriss-Otiko (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Sonika Juneja (clinical psychologist)
Roya Afsharzadegan (Clinical Psychologist)
Sabina F Khan (Integrative Psychotherapist and Psychologist))
Konenica Ali (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Sara Khan (CBT Therapist)
Kaela Boyles (Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner and Assistant Psychologist)
Swaliha Bax Psychodynamic Psychotherapist
Naintara Land (Integrative Psychotherapist)
Sabina F Khan (Integrative Psychotherapist and Psychologist)
Anisa Ali (Psychiatrist)
Helena Yasar (Integrative therapist)
Victoria Ghann (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Naba Kamran Siddiqui (Dual Diagnosis Practitioner)
Tasnima Kamali, Integrative Counsellor
Shumaila Bux, Psychodynamic Counsellors & Psychotherapist
Shehana (consultant psychologist )
Shumaila Bux, Psychodynamic Counsellor & Psychotherapist
Fathima (Psychologist)
Amjad Taha (Senior Portfolio Manager)
Mariya Zainab (Counseling Psychologist)
Riya Singhal (psychologist)
Karen Gaskell Cognitive Behavioural Therapist
Noorul Aina ( Clinical Psychology Student)
Hiba Nesarin P H (consultant psychologist)
Nasbath (consultant psychologist)
Tonima S. (Trainee Psychoanalyst cum Counsellor)
Zoha (Psychologist)
Lily Levy (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Sufina N Sulfi , Psychologist
Deepanshi Gupta (Psychodynamic Psychotherapist)
Akshita Bhat (Psychodynamic Therapist)
Salva (consultant Psychologist )
Faye Qassem – CBT therapist
Blaze Arthur (Clinical Psychologist)
Noorul Aina (Clinical Psychology Student)
Mehak Ahmed (Psychodynamic Psychotherapist)
Salman Hassan (Trainee Psychologist)
Nooraaqthar Muhammedali ( Assistant Clinical Psychologist)
Shamoly Begum (Trainee Forensic Psychologist)
Psychologist (MSc in Clinical and health)
Yusra Parkar (Counselling Psychologist)
Sanahira Shanawas (Consultant Psychologist)
Samra( psychology student)
Mustafa Al-Saadi (Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner)
Rashika Singh (Counselling Psychologist)
Yashasvi (Clinical Psychologist)
Imaan Mohammed (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Naziya wahid (Counseling psychologist)
Faye Qassem – CBT therapist
Yumna Mayet (Practitioner of Unani Medicine and Registered Counsellor)
Tarisha Finnegan-Clarke (Core Process Psychotherapist)
Rachel Robert (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
NEEDUMOL RAHAMATHULLA V ( Trainee in Psychology)
Yusra Saleem (Trainee Counselling Psychologist)
Nasima Aarah
Khamroul (Admin)
Jessica Davies (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Naiema Taliep (Research Psychologist)
Shaifila Ladhani (Psychotherapist)
Hudha Haris (Consultant Psychologist)
Habiba Khatun
Aysha Majeed (Consultant Psychologist)
Sabah Rafique (Clinical Associate Psychologist)
Shahnaaz Suffla (Psychologist)
Leah Francis (Clinical Psychologist)
Hasana Hamza (Consultant Psychologist)
Sabnum Dharamsi Islamic Counsellor and Tutor
Gazala Rais (Psychologist)
Hlvin Abdulaziz (Assistant Psychologist)
Nadera Latif (Humanidtic-Integrative Counsellor)
Malin Fiskå (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Natasha Mleczko (Trainee CBT Therapist)
Aimee Cliff (trainee psychotherapist)
Humayra Abdul Rauf Therapeutic Counsellor
Mariam Khan (Assistant Psychologist)
Safiea Issa ( Occupational Therapist)
Sagal Mohamed (Clinical Associate Psychologist)
Anna Vasiliou (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Saba Hassan (Clinical Paychologist)
Jana Al-Nahhas (Mental Health Counselor)
Mohammed Hassan khan (Health care assistant)
Fathima Ladeeda E, Consultant Psychology
Mehwish Issa (Licensed clinical social work)
Aisling Coyle (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Lynne Mackey Educational Psychologist
Candice Williams (Clinical Psychologist)
Eamann Al-Azem (LL Clinical Social Worker)
Sharron Amri- Clinical Nurse Specialist
Raniya Syed, Psychotherapist
Saiqa khan . Clinical psychologist
Eram Shaikh (Behavior Specialist/Clinical Psychologist)
Rama Atieh LSW- (Social Worker, Psychotherapist)
Dr Hena Syed-Sabir, Clinical Psychologist
Pratyakshi (Counselling Psychologist)
Neil Fahy (Clinical Psychologist)
Sabine Abusaada
Nadine Oladokun (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Jumana Abusalah (LMSW, clinical social worker)
Louise Dornan (Clinical Psychologist)
Hannah Campling (psychiatrist)
Sainul abid k ( counselting psychologist)
Danielle Francis (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Karen Gaskell Cognitive Behavioural Therapist
Alan Kessedjian (Consultant Clinical Psychologist)
Counseling Psychologist
Munit Abdulreshid Abdullahi (Ethiopian General Practitioner, working in Mental Health, Msc Global Mental Health student)
Hannah Harwood (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Adriana Prado, Psychotherapist
Hina Akram (Clinical Psychologist)
Sarah Gómez Cocco (Crisis & Trauma Psychotherapist)
Aisling Fegan, art psychotherapist
Sandra Ortiz Villarreal (Psychotherapist and Psychosexual therapist)
Hudha Haris (Consultant Psychologist)
Bina Khatun (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Camilla Ferraro ( trainee integrative psychotherapist)
Jawhara (psychologist)
L. Noor Salah, Psychologist
Sherry Wang (Licensed Counseling Psychologist and Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology)
Bahaur Amini (Psychologist)
Sofna Begum (Trainee Psychotherapist)
Dr Elizabeth Penny (consultant clinical psychologist)
Sofna Begum (Trainee Psychotherapist)
Toby Kramer (Marriage and Family Therapist in training)
Lindsay Barr (CBT Therapist and Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Shereen Nasib Naser (Associate Professor, School Psychology)
Malek Saif, Therapist and School Social Worker
Hoda Abou-Ziab, Clinical Psychologist
Menahal Begawala (Somatic Trauma Therapist, LMHC)
Muzamal Rehman (trainee clinical psychologist)
Kat Wheatley (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Fidaa Natour (Psychiatrist)
Phoebe Toms (Trainee Psychologist)
Grace Williams (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Sehar Raza Trainee Clinical Psychologist
Vanessa Kellermann (Mental Health Associate and Researcher)
Almas Merchant, PhD (Clinical Psychologist)
Dr Tulika Jha (Consultant Psychiatrist/ Activist)
Rosie Meers (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Hasan Abdel-Nabi (Clinical Psychologist in Training)
Holly Smith (trainee clinical psychologist)
Salma Joosub (Integrative Psychotherapist)
Tamara M. Abu-Ramadan (Clinical Psychology Resident)
Danielle Campbell (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Dr. Amina Foda-Khoury (Clinical Psychologist)
Zakariyyaa Hanif (Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner)
Hanan Salem (Clinical Psychology Student)
Jihan Najjar (counseling psychologist)
Joseph Zamaria (Clinical Psychologist)
Aroosa Bano (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Sadia Riya (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Mehrad Tafreshi (Trainee Health Psychologist)
Bethany Copping (Trainee Psychologist)
Alice Childs (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Samina allie psychologist
Amelia Beveridge (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Inshia Irfanulhaq (Supply Teacher)
Leanne Lovatt, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist
Shaheeda Sadeck (Registered Counsellor – Mental Health Practitioner)
Hannah Ahmad Ridzuan (Relational-cultural Counseling Therapist)
Nicole Fleischer (Pediatric Psychologist)
Emma Wynne Bannister (Mental Health researcher)
Lawson Falshaw (Clinical Psychologist)
Kate Anning trainee psychologist
Mariam Hashimi, Social Worker
Frances Basset (Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist)
Raneem Idris (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Patricia Murphy CBT Therapist
Sumra Nadeem (trainee counsellor)
Fiona Boyd (Clinical Psychologist)
Susan Quain, Assistant Psychologist
Nadia Reid (occupational therapist)
Dr. Meghan DellaCrosse (Clinical psychologist)
Mashooda Rizwan Counceler
Meg Bland (trainee clinical psychologist)
Arhama Shams Sheikh. Counselling Psychologist
Angela Song-Chase (trainee clinical psychologist)
Lina A (Family & Systemic Psychotherapist)
Fiona Ball,, Trainee Clinical Psychologist
Becky Paulus (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Marianna Siapera (Psychiatrist)
Ellis J. Johnson (Psychotherapeutic Counsellor)
Feroza Isakjee (Chaplain, Person centred therapist)
Charley Blackwell (Clinical Psychologist)
Sharmeen Madar
Anjlee Sudra CBT & EMDR Therapist
Abbi Whitcombe (trainee psychotherapist)
Venetia Leonidaki (Clinical Psychologist)
Riaz yusef ( Travel agent)
Lucy McIvor (trainee clinical psychologist)
Sinthu Sridharan (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Abbi Whitcombe (trainee psychotherapist)
Mary Moussa Rogers (Clinical Psychologist)
Sahar Beg (Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor
Aziza Begum (Psychology Assistant)
Tayeba Ahmed (Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner)
Sal Hannan – CBT therapist
Hafsa Khanom
Raumene Rahatzad, Licensed Professional Counselor
Nimra Nadeem (Assistant Psychologist)
Louise Rudasingwa (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Naziya Parveen sheikh (psychologist)
Dahlia Eldaly, student in clinical psychology
Baheia Derweesh. Psychotherapist
Rya Fayeq Brossard (mental health student)
Maha Akhtar, psychotherapist
Noor Abd-Allah (PsyD student, 5th year)
Siân Elrick (Psychology Student)
Musammed Sanjuida Musarat (Child Nurse)
Fairy Khan (Psychologist)
Dr. Mohamed Elnakib (Clinical Psychologist)
Samra( psychology student)
Dr. Leighna Harrison (Clinical Psychologist)
Jude Nachabe (Student Psychotherapist, Trainee, Clinical Psychologist)
Rai S G Bari (Cognitive Psychologist)
Ayesha siddiqa ( Administrative clerk)
Buthaina Baqir ( Counsellor/hypnotherapist)
Chris Sheridan
Faaria Low Intensity CBT Therapist
Fauzia Majid Qazi (Clinical Psychologist)
Stephen Abdullah Maynard (Islamic Counsellor and Supervisor)
Amy Colla (Clinical Psychologist)
Sabina Alam (N/A)
Grey Perry (therapist)
Grey Perry (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)
Hanan Khalaf (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Mahera Nayeem (Marriage and Family Therapist – Training)
Remco Tuijt (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Khushali Mavji Varsani ( Clinical Psychologist)
Emma Biggin (Integrative Psychotherapist in training)
Khalida Haque (Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor)
Aisha, Mental health counselor
Agata Podstepska (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Megan Jackson (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Eman Raheel (CAMHS Practitioner)
Bobbie Petford, Life/Career Coach
Sham Minhas (social mobility coach )
Ginni Sharma (clinical Psychologist)
Mohammed Rafique
Mehnaz Assis (Journalist)
Neelam Solanki (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
M ahmad IT consultant
Matthew Constantinou (Clinical Psychologist)
Evi Rodrigues (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Jesse Masih (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Christiane Ganter-Argast ( Art therapist)
Shriya Shah (Social Worker)
Janel Cubbage (Psychotherapist)
Muna Abdullah (trainee clinical psychologist)
Jessica Pons (Integrative Psychotherapist)
Dana Lopez, Social Worker
Tarik Endale (Clinical Psychologist-In-Training)
Tara (Mental Health Occupational Therapist)
Nida Salim ( Assistant professor )
Tanya Paulin (Assistant Psychologist)
Preethi Thomas (Person-centered Psychotherapist)
Halina Pytlasinska (Integrative psychotherapist)
Gavin Robinson, Therapist
Helen Simpson, Art Psychotherapist.
Farah Khuzouz (Marriage & Family Therapist)
Susan Mohamed ( Trainee Counselling Psychologist)
Fatina Kheirallah Habehh MSW social worker/counselor
Fatima Habehh (Psychotherapist)
Dea Binishi (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Joanna Fleck (trainee psychotherapist)
Dr Ledward doctor and trainee counsellor
Jesse Masih (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Jaleh Davari-Dhariwal (Psychologist)
Amanee Elchehimi (Registered Clinical Counsellor)
İnci baysal (trainee clinical psychologist)
Dr.Mahwash Kamdaar (psychiatrist)
Haniyyah Taufique (Mental Health Therapist)
Husna Begum (Islamic Counsellor)
Amy Lineham (Trainee Psychiatrist)
Salma Begum (Trainee Islamic Counsellor)
Eleanor (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Richa Okhandiar-MacDougall (Art Psychotherapist)
Ghazala Mir, Professor of Health Equity and Inclusion
Nuzhath Athaullah (Clinical Psychology Scholar)
Monique Bellchambers-Joseph (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Theofanis Kyriacou – Trainee Clinical Psychologist
Vijay S Mann, Registered Clinical Counsellor
Ayesha Arif (Clinical Psychology Trainee)
Eve Webber (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Hauwa Bello Omeiza (Clinical Health Psychologist)
Karan Sood (Mental Health Advocate)
Lee Simmons (Senior Coordinator of Engagement)
Sanya Anwar (trainee Clinical psychologist)
Tiana Brawley, Associate Social Worker, therapist
Bec Watkins-Muleba (Trainee clinical psychologist)
Ahmad Mohamed (Trainee Psychiatrist)
Callam Constant (trainee clinical psychologist)
Khaled Mostafa Mahmoud Salaheldin (Counseling Psychologist)
Francesca Daniels (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Piyush Pushkar, trainee in forensic psychiatry
Darcy (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Maria Filip, trainee clinical psychologist
Helen Simpson, Art Psychotherapist.
Kieran Pierre (Somatic Psychotherapist)
Samia Quddus (CYP Psychotherapist & Adult Therapist)
M Batool (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Kristina Garcia (Psychotherapist)
Jené Gutierrez (Relational Psychotherapist)
Sumaya Jama Assistant Psychologist
Sirena Turfe (Limited License Social Worker)
Salma Eldeeb psychiatrist
Sanya A, trainee clinical psychologist
Thorayya Said Giovannelli (Psychologist)
Samina Tariq (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Yerusalem Mekonen (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Omara Baig (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Sam Burke (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Nicole Thomte MS LMFT
Aliki Chiotaki (Counsellor)
Aliya Patel ( Counselor & Life coach )
zakiyah hyder (organisational psychologist)
Priyanka Raj (Organizational Psychologist)
Humaira Fatima (Organizational Psychologist)
Sylvia Michaeel – Clinical Psychologist
Maria Shah Trainee Clinical Psychologist
Ron Dodzro (Clinical and Community Psychologist)
Karina Vieira (Trainee clinical psychologist)
Dalia Motamed-Khalatbari (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Wilf Hashimi (TA Psychotherapist)
Xeni Daniilidi (trainee clinical paychologist)
Rachel Belin (trainee clinical psychologist)
Raneem Idris (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Saba Hussain (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Olivia Alleyne. Trainee clinical psychologist
Asha ( Trainee clinical psychologist )
Ramsha Qureshi (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Eiman Hussein (Psychotherapist)
Lizzie Neely (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Alice Overton( Art Therapist and Mental Health Practitioner)
Cora Montgomery (Trainee Sports Psychologist)
Cathryn Zimsek, occupational therapist
Peter Panayi (Assistant Psychologist)
Joseph French (trainee clinical psychologist)
Jody Campbell (Trainee psychotherapist)
Dr Nicholas Frealand (Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist)
Zahraa Abdulreda (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Sazan Meran (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Zainab (Teacher)
Paul Colley (Person centred therapist and supervisor)
Shaheeda Sadeck, registered counsellor mental health practitioner
Owen Hashimi (Trainee TA Psychotherapist)
Ashley Gregory (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)
Mahreen Ahmed, Psychiatry physician
Jamila Begum ( Forensic Psychologist)
Louise Chapman (Clinical Psychologist)
Marianne Fanous (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Gabriel Machabanski (Clinical Psychologist in Training)
Cora Hilton (Integrative Psychotherapist)
Ellie Baker (trainee clinical psychologist)
Agnieszka Pixie Frączek, Gestalt psychoterapist
Maryam Haghiran Trainee Clinical Psychologist
Kate Dyer
Helen Cordery (Attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist)
Chloe Simpson (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Rhea Gandhi, Psychotherapist
Martine Miel (integrative counsellor)
Layla Khayr (social worker)
MT Talensby (Counsellor/Psychotherapist)
Glicinia Danso (Clinical Associate Psychologist)
Maham Haq (trainee CP)
Vivienne Isebor (Clinical Associate in Psychology)
Lauren H (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Maryam Haghiran Trainee Clinical Psychologist
Sahar Farid, Psychotherapist
Taneesha Jones-Seale (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Morgan Beckles (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Anfas Naseer (counsellor and psychotherapist)
CJ Smith (Integrative Psychotherapist)
Amy Brennand (Clinical Psychologist in Training)
Jenny Heron (Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist)
Leila Hamza (trainee clinical psychologist)
Samah Naseem Student Counsellor
Philippa Renouf (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Rebecca Sharp (trainee psychodynamic therapist)
Afrin Halai ( Counseling Psychologist)
Nethra Menon, Narrative Practitioner, Queer & Trauma informed Therapist
Annie Bird (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Rashi Maheshwari (Therapist)
Hemangi vyawahare ( existential humanist psychologist)
Kartika Ladwal (Relational Psychodynamic Psychotherapist)
Vandita Rungta (Counselling Psychologist)
Sharon Dsouza (Counselling Psychologist)
John Fen Raju (Person Centred Psychotherapist)
Fatima naseer (counsellor)
Sana (Humanistic Integrative Counsellor)
Elise DeFusco (Psychotherapist)
Puja Nair (field of psychology)
Emily Astridge (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Trainee Clinical Psychologist
Ramya Sastry (Mindfulness-based Psychotherapist)
Matt Phillips (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Sophie Thomas, Trainee Clinical Psychologist
Sarika Karnad (Humanistic Psychologist)
Shaswatee Behera (Psychologist and Expressive Arts Therapist)
Shereen Everett (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Megan Hitchcock (Clinical Psychologist)
Keyana M (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Asil Yassine (Psychologist in Training)
Obss Alademerin CBT Therapist & Trainee Clinical Psychologist
Somya Bhatnagar (Psychologist)
Debbie Sheringham (Person-Centred Counsellor)
Shalini Rao. Gestalt-Existential-Feminist Psychotherapist
Deborah David (Counseling Psychologist)
Ipsita Gauri ( Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, Qualitative Researcher)
Samihah Islam (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Sanchita Johri (Humanistic Psychotherapist)
Serene Sarah George ( Psychotherapist )
Bhakti Shah (Social Worker, Mental Health Professional)
Warisa Hussain (Mental health trainer & NLP practitioner)
Paloma Tafur (Liberation and Integral Counseling Therapist)
Majula Alvares Therapist
Amruta Huddar (Drama and Movement Therapist)
Zaynab Berrada (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Rabia Khan (CBT Therapist)
Willow McGowan Crewe (trainee clinical psychologist)
Rinkle Jain- Psychotherapist
Marc Mason (Humanistic Counsellor)
Nadine Mirza (Research Associate & Psychologist)
Naira Antoun (Trainee psychotherapist)
Radhika Goel (Counseling Psychologist & Movement Therapy Facilitator)
Ketaki Thosar (Psychotherapist and Trainee Counselling Psychologist)
Farah Aziz (child psychiatrist)
Zenia Yadav (Mental Health Social Worker, Therapist and Narrative Practitioner)
Aicha Sisi (Child & Adolescent Psychologst)
Syeda Akther (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Georgia Taylor. Mental health nurse.
Lamia Moghnieh (Therapist, Social Worker, Scholar)
Muhammad Almakhzangy M.D. Urologist.
Zaynab Berrada (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Geraldine Phillips (Counsellor/Psychotherapist
Banika (trainee clin psych)
Carol Siederer (Gestalt Psychotherapist)
Rusha Mohamed (Cognitive Behavioural Therapist)
Aliki Myrianidi, Senior Psychological well-being practitioner
Yazan Nagi, Psychiatrist
Lauren Bailey (Assistant Psychologist)
Maham Saeed (CBT therapist)
Tove Vrbnakova (Counsellor)
Afsar Ali (Positive Psychology Coach)
Nainika Hira (Student of Clinical Mental Health Counseling)
Sana R (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Sana Rehan (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Rabia Khan (CBT Therapist)
Nini Kerr, University of Edinburgh
Aseel (MD, Mental Health PhD candidate)
Emily Dowdell, Forensic Psych MA
Shefali Golchha (Person-centred Child & Young person Psychotherapist)
Anjali Acharya (Trainee Clinical Mental Health Counselor)
Mariyam Ifshan Ahmed (Psychologist)
Rachel Smith CBT & EMDR Therapist
Ayesha Khatoon (Behavioral Therapist)
Ann Beaumont, Compassion focused psychological therapist
Kayleigh Mulqueen (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Lakshmi Ajay
Alanna Gallagher (Clinical Psychologist)
Sarah Aswat (Counsellor working with a psycho-spiritual model)
Nagasudha T (Psychotherapist)
Mariam Al (Psychotherapist)
Nicola Tweedy (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Hannah Webb (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Dr Georgina Cox, Clinical Psychologist
Kalai, Mental health practitioner
Matthias Spiess (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Karolina Kosyla (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Rana Ahmed social worker psychotherapist
Miranda Bartholomeou Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapist
Jamila Aubad (art psychotherapist)
Maya Sacre – Mental Health nurse and systemic family therapy trainee
E Smith (trainee clinical psychologist)
Marion O’Shea (Mental Health Practitioner)
Umran Arslan (clinical psychology student)
Lauren Waples (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Isha Chawla (Psychotherapist)
Millie Curtis (trainee clinical psychologist)
Jon Hollyman (trainee clinical psychologist)
Nada Khader (Palestinian) ! Relational TA psychotherapist and PTSTA
Adam O’Maoláin (Trainee Psychotherapist)
Ramzia Akbari (Mental Health project manager and psychotherapist)
Sarah Sodimu (Assistant Psychologist)
Sophie K Rosa (Trainee Psychoanalyst)
Marc Mason (Humanistic Counsellor)
I. Caroline Graham (counsellor)
Shareen Abbas (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Erin Evans (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Kali Barawi
Karuna D (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Christina Barbian, psychological well-being practitioner
Suna Guven (Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist, Counsellor)
Brice Morgan, Specialist Nurse Practitioner
Raushan (Psychotherapist)
Ryhana Ali (Assistant Psychologist)
Charlotte Watson (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Jenny Ardagh (CYP Cognitive Behavioural Therapist)
Ryhana Ali (Assistant Psychologist)
Ryan Nah (Consultant Clinical Psychologist)
Liz Beresford (Humanistic Psychotherapeutic Counsellor)
Zaynab Bunsie – Advanced Trainee psychotherapist
Lianne McDermott (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Sabreena Hussain (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Angela Mathias (MPhil Clinical Psychology Trainee)
Dafni Katsampa (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Sodah Minty (clinical psychologist)
Sabeen Shaiq, Psychotherapist
Cerdic Hall (Nurse)
Becca Hefferman-Clarke (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Shahana Siddiqui (Mental health professional)
Dr. Chelze Zamani (LMFT, Adjunct Prof, & Supervisor)
Yash Shankar (Social Worker)
Finlay Saroki Sarafa McHale (social worker)
Meghan Pfeiffer (MSW Graduate Intern)
Phoenix Jackson, Somatic Psychotherapist
Sarah Abdel-Aziz (Teacher)
Linda Zheng (pre-licensed psychotherapist)
Rachel Harlich (Somatic Trauma and Relationship Psychotherapist)
Stacey Rupolo (Social Worker, Psychotherapist)
Brianna Sorensen (licensed clinical social worker)
DeAnza Spaulding, PhD Trauma Therapist
Jennifer Beers (Trauma Therapist and EMDR trained)
Mao Beckett LICSW Somatic and Spirital Therapist, Rest and Resilient Wellness Spiritual
G. Michelle Goodloe (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)
amanda tran (relational psychotherapist)
Amy Johnston (Registered Clinical Counsellor)
Dr. Aileen Fullchange, Licensed Psychologist (Texas, New York)
Rayhana Haque (Counsellor)
Sue Cook, LCSW
Suada Ahmed trainee counsellor
Jessica Provenza, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Somatic Psychotherapist
Kyah Hawk (Social Worker)
Lawanda Marie Jackson
Jennifer Quan (Holistic Psychotherapist)
Edith (Yulia) Dwi Andriyanti (Counselor and WellBeing Practitioner)
Jannat Zahoor (Psychotherapist – Associate)
Zaynab Khan (Licensed Psychologist)
Agnieszka Forfa, MSW
Camara Chea, Trainee/Ph.D. Candidate
Farhan Rasool (psychology student)
Bee Dalbow (Somatic & Relational Psychotherapist)
Farhana Sobhan Shama (Psychotherapist & Artist)
Dominic Davies (Consutlant Psychotherapist & Clinical Sexologist)
Mariam Humayun (Assistant Psychologist)
Bridget Sakowski (Narrative Therapist/Social Worker)
Syed Shayan Mehdi (Licensed Psychotherapist)
Sophie Jani Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Sarwang Parikh, Integrative Psychotherapist California
Ren Lee (Social Worker & Psychotherapist)
Anushah Malik (Licensed Social Worker)
Olivia Collins (Psychotherapist)
Mariam Humayun (Assistant Psychologist)
Kawthar Alli (trainee counselling psychologist)
Keith A MALLINSON Advocate
Lulu Marjan (consultant psychologist, Behavioural therapist)
Fiza Musthafa (Consultant Psychologist)
Dr. Ivania Delgado- Educator
Hazel Loeb Counselling support worker
Hannah Reene (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Casey Callahan (MSW Candidate)
Lennicia Huntley (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Alia Azmat (Pre-Licensed Counseling Psychologist)
Mark Rizk Farag (trainee clinical psychologist)
Solin Hamawandy (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Phoenix Song (Licensed Trauma Therapist)
Melody Cruz (Psychotherapist)
Raeesa Khan (Trainee Psychologist)
Mahmoud Hemmo, Psychoanalyst
Veronica Franco (post-doctoral fellow, counseling psychology)
Britt Cameron pre grad lmft
Ash O’Brien (AAC, CMHC graduate student)
Maila ( Counselling psychologist)
Hasina Khan (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Nadia Abdel-Halim (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Sophie O’Reilly (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Lesan Besselink (specialist MH dietitian)
Masa Micunovic (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Iqra Malik (Trainee Cognitive Behaviour Therapist)
Selin Akarsu Cognitive Behavioural Therapist
Jahanara Rowell Child and Adolescent Therapist and Systemic Practitioner
Kyoko Robertson (Clinical Intern)
Loa Pour Mirza (Trainee Pluralistic Therapist)
Alpana Choudhury (Licensed Mental Health Counselor)
Patricia Dawson – Pluralistic Therapist
Ayat Ibrahim (Protective Astrophysics student)
Jonathan Lilley (Psychotherapist)
Sylwia Korsak (Liberation Counsellor)
Nicola Ball (cognitive behavioural therapist)
Amanda Crutchley (integrative counsellor and coach)
Zafirah Sathar (Clinical Psychologist)
Diya Bhojnagarwala (trainee therapist)
Beatrice Millar Retired therapist
Ellie Muniandy (therapist)
Dr Amirah Khan (Counselling Psychologist)
Jessica Karalus (Clinical Psychologist)
Julia Viskov (Psychotherapist)
Beth Pearson Trainee Clinical Psychologistµ
Theo Kostidakis (Dramatherapist)
Elisabeth Turner
Samantha van Huyssteen, Trainee clinical psychologist
Fathima,( consultant psychologist)
Fauziya Bano, Trainee Psychologist
Christly Palacio (Counselling Psychologist)
Halimah Hafiz (Trainee CBT Therapist)
Aneela Ahmed (CBT and Schema therapist)
Samra Bano (Speech and Language Therapist)
Nikita Eva Puls (Transnational Social Worker Trainee)
Foluke Taylor (Therapist*Writer)
Katie Edgar (Trainee Pluralistic therapist)
Sarah Fox (Integrative Psychotherapist)
Samuel Girguis, PsyD (Psychologist in the US)
Keerthana Pradeep ( Clinical Psychologist)
M I Khaleel (Licensed Clinical Psychologist, India and Qatar)
Lore Aschoff (Couple and Family Therapy Graduate Student)
Xavier Chan (Research Assistant)
AishahDaniyah.Trainee Psychotherapist
Sabnum Dharamsi Islamic Counsellor
Talika Dona ( Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Paolo Plotegher (Art Therapist)
Tasnim Munaim (Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner and Associate Lecturer)
Neli Zheleva – Trainee Clinical Psychologist
Sahar Al-Najjar, Psychotherapist, Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate
Madison Dale (Mental Health Therapist)
Namalee Bolle (transpersonal transcultural psychotherapist)
James Benenson (Trainee Psychotherapist)
Lydia Puricelli Anti-racist therapist
Jamila Andersson (Trainee Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapist
Amal Wartalska (Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist)
Leah Francis (Clinical Psychologist)
Rand Mansour (trainee psychologist)
Dina Zalami (Psychotherapist)
Carlos Amartey (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)
Kashmala Qasim Mental Health Researcher
Emily Nash, LMSW (Trauma Therapist & Social Worker)
Jawad Bhatti (Existential Psychotherapist)
Mariane Makkar (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Los Angeles, CA)
Anna Savage LICSW
Sam Wynter (Integrative Counsellor)
Mariam Salie (Clinical psychologist, South Africa)
Vaishali Patel (Psychotherapist)
Katerina Alexandraki (Clinical psychologist, Art Therapist)
Maha A, therapist
Jorelle Degen (Licensed Mental Health Counselor)
Jessica Goldberg
Vinisha Umarania (CBT Psychotherapist)
Emily Gray (Marriage and Family Therapist)
Rukhsaar Bux Trainee Clinical Psychologist
Brittany Rivers (Mental Health Counselor)
Rihana Kamall (Integrative Trainee Psychotherapist)
Theodora Spyrou Psychotherapist
Louisa Harvey (psychodynamic therapist)
Cassandra Geisel (Trainee Integrative Psychotherapist)
Gemma Maconie (Relational Psychotherapist)
Zoi Simopoulou (Art Psychotherapist)
Asia Kozyra (Counselling Support Worker)
Bisha Mistry (Art Therapist)
Glenna Demeter (Counsellor/Psychotherapist)
Kalisha Hamilton (Counsellor)
Bex Mullins-Smith (Trainee Counsellor)
Kari Malkki (MSW)
Hannah-Phoebe Bowen (Counsellor)
Drew Cooper
Ashley Guevara (Licensed Indepedent Clinical Social Worker)
Cassandra Geisel (Trainee Integrative Psychotherapist)
Patricia Rock (Pluralistic Psychotheraputic Counsellor)