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Class & Intersections in Therapy

December 4 @ 10:00 am 12:00 pm

In an unequal society, social class carries much meaning in how perspectives are shaped and has a significant impact on a person’s material and emotional conditions. What exactly is its impact on mental health? And how does it show up (consciously or unconsciously) in the therapeutic space?

Class, of course, intersects with other axes of power and oppression to create complex experiences that we will help our clients untangle in the work. However, if the therapist is not acquainted with the impact of inequalities on people and on themselves, class differences in the therapeutic dyad may constitute at best a barrier to deeper work and at worst, a risk of harm to the client.

It is time that we address the deeper intrapsychic and relational processes linked to social class, as well as the mechanisms of class reproduction (and how they might come into play in the therapeutic relationship), so we can offer safer spaces to our clients. To this end, this event will provide a combination of Sociological and Psychoanalytic knowledge.

The aim of this session will be to:

  • Explore the impact of social class and its intersections on mental health
  • Examine how these inequalities relating to class can influence the therapeutic relationship
  • Learn how therapists can work towards supporting clients affected by this ethically

The session will last 2 hours, including presentation time and space for questions or reflections.

It is aimed at mental health professionals and everyone interested in the links between social class inequalities and mental health.

(This is a live event that will be most beneficial for participants who engage with the material and discussions. It will not be recorded, but a short handout with definitions and references will be provided, as well as a certificate of attendance.)

Ticketing options:

Different prices have been offered to cater to varying financial situations. Please choose the ticket that corresponds to your current circumstances.

No one will be turned down due to financial reasons. A small number of tickets have been reserved for trainees, people in financial hardship, or people living and working in the Global South. Please contact me directly using the link in my Eventbrite profile (or the contact form) to let me know you need access to these tickets and I will be happy to arrange it.

About the facilitator:

Lucia Sarmiento Verano is a humanistic psychotherapist in private practice in Oxford and online. With a background in sociology and Political Science, she has worked as an anti-racism trainer and consultant with mental health organisations. She has experience delivering training and facilitating reflective discussions around topics of anti-racism and decolonial thinking in mental health. Lucia is now preparing to undertake research on the topics of anti-oppression and resistance as a Ph.D. student at the Birkbeck University of London.

What attendees have said about Lucia’s events:

I would recommend, it is an accessible way to gain valuable insight on topics that are essential for counsellors (but sadly not included within most training)


“Lucia is a highly engaging and knowledgeable presenter who explains complex topics in an easy to digest manner. She made me feel extremely safe and seen whilst presenting on this sensitive topic.


“I would highly recommend. Lucia’s presentation was paced perfectly, she was easy to listen to and understand and therefore I felt engaged and learnt some new things without feeling overwhelmed.”


£13 – £25

Lucia Sarmiento Verano